GSF User's Guide

GST Site Foundation Variables

GSF makes use of some standard variables to help with convention-over-configuration. Some of these variables are standard Sites variables like c,cid and p some are specific to the framework.

  1. c assettype of the asset to render
  2. cid id of the asset to render
  3. cshttp
  4. eid Variable holding the CSElement asset id.
  5. errno The errno.
  6. locale The locale in which the site is rendered, in the form of en_US or en. Not the id of the Dimension.
  7. packedargs The arguments on the url that are packed together.
  8. pagename The name of the SiteCatalog entry, the page to execute.
  9. childpagename The pagename of the template to render when a wrapper is used.
  10. p id of the Page (navigation node) under which the current asset is rendered, useful for creating breadcrumbs.
  11. pubid the id of the Site.
  12. q The variable holding the search query string.
  13. rendermode The rendermode
  14. seid Id of the SiteEntry asset
  15. site The name of the site that the asset is currently rendered on.
  16. tid Id for the Template asset.
  17. tname the name of the Template to render. Will be concatenated with the site name and the assettype to the pagename.
  18. d Variable holding the device type for which you want to render the site, can be desktop, mobile or tablet.
  19. lang Variable holding the language that the user want to use for see the page, is in the form of en_US.
  20. locale Variable holding the id of the Dimension with the locale that the user want to use for see the page, is in the form of en_US.